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5 Steps to Treat & Prevent Maskne Naturally

Your skin is being irritated by the constant use of face masks? It could be Maskne that you’re dealing with.

Medical staff have long been familiar with this term due to mask wearing being part of their professional getup every single day! But these days, even us regular people are having to wear masks and I suspect it’s not about to change any time soon.

Due to this constant wear, your mask traps in a lot of hot air which creates a warm, humid environment in this area. This is an ideal setting for the growth of yeast, foreign bacteria and flora such as demodex (skin mites that naturally live on the skin - I know...a little weird).


Signs of Maskne

Here are some tell-tale signs you could be dealing with Maskne:

  • Dry patches

  • Acne, particularly around the chin

  • Scarring (caused from acne)

  • Hyperpigmentation or bruising

  • Perioral dermatitis (or inflammatory rash)

  • Contact dermatitis (from allergy relating to mask material)

  • Skin erosion (partial destruction of the skin’s surface) and associated rubbing (breaking down the skin) and/or maceration (when skin is in contact with moisture for extended periods of time)

  • Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD)

  • Rosacea flare ups


But what can I do about Maskne?

It’s all about protecting and restoring that natural skin barrier.

1 Use a natural ingredient gentle hydrating cleanser. Gently cleansing with a hydrating cleanser can clean away the toxins collected under the mask while also giving the skin the hydration it needs.

Using harsh cleansers or cleansing techniques will strip your skin of the natural oils, as will using soap on your skin.

2 Use a natural ingredient moisturiser that will reduce the toxic load on your skin, helping to create a favourable environment for the good bacteria. The healthy microbiome of the skin also factors into your overall health, just like your gut microbiome – cool huh, I know!

3 Use a thicker cream on the area where the rubbing is occurring. If you can, get hold of a thicker moisturising cream such as a natural ingredient Night Cream that can be used in this area. Bonus…it could also be used at Night.

4 Shy away from harsh chemical peels. Acids and retinols can be irritating to the skin so it’s probably a good idea to back off on the use of these products even if it’s just while you’re trying to help your skin recover.

5 Be sure to keep your face mask clean. This one’s obvious, but the sweat and oil can build up on your mask making for an unclean environment.

I hope you find these steps easy to put into practice in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Take your skin quiz (by clicking the button "Take your skin quiz" at the top of this page, and be sure to check the Yes button (as below) when you come to the question on Maskne. That way our Skin Care Formulator can take your needs to treat and prevent Maskne into consideration when formulating for you.