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Why "select" oils for my skin? Part 1

There are so many considerations to make when selecting plant oils and essential oils to be used on your skin. Here are just a few that we use to consider the right oils for your skin.
Simply put, viscosity is the consistency of a liquid. It is one of the qualities of plant oils that is considered when choosing which oil to use in a formula. Plant oils come with varying consistencies from light to heavier and everything in between.
Absorption is the rate at which an oil is absorbed into the skin. Why would this be important, you ask? Absorption is taken into consideration for each product, and the needs of the individual. For example, a person with an oilier skin type would need an oil that penetrates the skin quickly without clogging the pores. In this case, we can combine a number of different oils to meet some of the other needs the individual's skin is presenting with, but at the same time, be meeting the absorption needs their skin has. In other words, not just using one particular oil, but combining several oils to meet several needs.
Part 2 - Contraindications