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Younique Night Cream 30g

Younique Night Cream 30g

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Our Night Cream is formulated to suit your individual needs.  We hand select every single ingredient and formulate to ensure you are using the most suitable ingredients for your skin's needs.  We do this because we care.  Each product is handmade upon order to ensure freshness of the product. 

If you would like to take a look at our ingredients go to "Our Ingredients" in the main menu to find out more about each of our natural ingredients.

Once you purchase your Night Cream, don't forget to do our Skin Quiz if you haven't already done so, so we can get started on your products.

Night Cream is suitable for night time use as it is a thicker and heavier cream.  This allows for the penetration of the enriching ingredients.  Comes in a 30g glass jar.  This will last approximately 3 months, depending on how much you use.

 But why moisturise?

"The skin's natural moisture level is continually disturbed by climate, pollution and changes in sebaceous and sweat secretions.  Moisturiser protects and helps to maintain the natural oil and moisture balance."  The benefits include: protection from environment, skin softening, plumping, providing a barrier between the skin and make-up cosmetics (Nordmann & Day, 2018).  Moisturiser also provides the nourishment and moisturising benefits of plants oils, essential oils and other natural high performance ingredients which include many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to help your skin thrive.

If you are re-ordering this product you may select this in Order Options.  If you would like us to re-formulate for you, simply select "Change my formulation" when checking out and we will contact you.   We can make changes to any of the ingredients if you would like to try others (see "Our Ingredients" in the main menu).  We can make changes to the viscosity (how the product spreads onto the skin), the absorption rate, through using lighter oils, the scent and the strength of the scent.  The sky's the limit...just drop us a line.  Remember, we're your personal skincare formulator, at your fingertips!